How to test the spamminess of your email message

Free tools to check if a message looks like spam Please use the above mentioned free services to check if your email campaign message looks like spam. How concerned should you be if you did not pass the Spam Check? Don’t worry too much about specific rules within SpamAssassin. The rules catch spam. If…

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Tips to avoid using spammy words in your email message

To avoid a high spam risk, make sure you limit the use of promotional words such as: Certain words are flagged by email clients as “suspicious” or spam. Here are some examples from the finance space: $$$AffordableBargainBeneficiaryBest priceBig bucksCashCompare ratesCostCreditCredit bureausDiscountEarnEasy termsFree And here are some examples from the ecommerce space: As seen onBuyBuy directBuying judgmentsClearanceOrderOrder statusOrders…

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